Thursday, December 7, 2006

They actually expect me to work for a living

I'm swamped at work right now. I'm back doing proposal work this month, with all its pressure and deadlines, and am finding it hard to make that mental shift. I've gotten much too used to working at my own pace, with no one looking too carefully over my shoulder. I think this new division I work for is going to keep me on my toes a lot more than my work with corporate did.

And if we're being totally honest here, my flagging mental state is probably also influenced by the fact that I worked my ass off all day yesterday (without even time for a shower - blech!), then raced over to playgroup, then raced over to Itai's rollerblading class, then raced home for a conference call at 7:30 at night, then raced out to meet Jay for a friend's birthday celebration. We stayed out till nearly 1, then found out that a visiting musician had parked in a parking lot that closed at midnight, leaving his car stuck and him with no way to get home to Haifa (about 90 minutes away). He ended up coming home with us, where we then had to break out a bottle for a few drinks and conversation, and I finally dragged my sorry ass to bed after 2am, only to find myself up coughing all night long because I'd foregone my cough syrup in favor of a couple of drinks. Have to be a good hostess after all ;-). Can't have the guest drinking on his own... I think he had it worse though, he actually ordered a cab for 5:45 this morning in the hopes of making it back home to shower, change and get to work by 7:30! Can't say that would have been my approach...

Thank heavens it's Thursday, no work tomorrow.

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Terri said...

Look at you go with a SOCIAL LIFE!!! I have NONE. ZERO. I was in bed by 10:30 with my fuzzy socks on. I suck.