Sunday, December 31, 2006

Not too hard to interpret this dream

I dreamed last night that I had forgotten a couple of pots on the stove and the entire thing had melted. My cast-iron pot supports (the thingies that the pots actually sit on, what do they call those anyway?) were plastic in the dream and they had all - all 5 burners, not just the ones with the pots - melted down into a completely flat black sheet of molten muck, with a burned out pot sitting on top. Completely destroyed.

This morning, I woke up a full hour late and that only because I heard my cellphone ringing. We apparently forgot to set the alarm last night. Gee, do you think my subconscious was trying to tell me something LOL?

On other news, it's back to the grindstone for me. New Year's Eve/Day is not a holiday here and I'll be working all day. We had a decent weekend though, for a change everyone stayed healthy. We did around the house stuff, gym, etc. on Friday but got out a bit yesterday. I took Itai to see Festigal 2006 (yes, that's a "g"), which is an annual big budget musical extravaganza for kids that they put on every year at Hannukah. I was expecting to hate it, but I have to admit that they did a really great job. There was a loose plot about a lost magical kingdom, which was basically a vehicle to tie together various Israeli pop stars (most of whom I'd never heard of, damn I'm getting old) each singing one song. It had all the elements needed to enchant a child (or their mom, but don't tell) - lots of singing and dancing, amazing costumes (and so many of them - each number was completely different), fireworks, talking trees, horses, dragons, swordfights, acrobats descending from the ceiling, fire juggling, you name it... Basically a Radio City type production. V impressive. (And those extremely well-built, long-haired, shirtless acrobats (the men, the women weren't topless LOL) didn't hurt my eyes at all. Not a bit.) After that friends we hadn't seen in ages came over with their kids for a light supper, so all in all a good weekend.

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