Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday, Monday

D-1 and counting.

Cake is cooling on the counter and it's only 9:30am. I feel so virtuous and productive. I'll shape it and stick it in the fridge when I get back from an appointment and will decorate it either late tonight or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow, since Jay and I have a sitter for tonight (yay!). We're meeting good friends at the Tel Aviv Brewhouse to go hear a third friend's band play. The food's not great, but the drinks are (obviously) good and the band does a great job with Chicago Blues.

In between I've got a pedicure (I have issues with my feet and have to go once a month), work and Itai's English lesson. Oh, and I should probably throw in a few loads of laundry and buy some paper goods too. No rest for the weary, or the lazy LOL.

Later taters.

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Unknown said...

A mother's work is never done!
It's been really nice today too! I feel like playing hooky from chores to take the girls to the park and enjoy the sun and fresh air.
I'm curious to see what your cake creation is going to be.