Saturday, February 10, 2007

So much for Saturday

We were all geared up to go down to the desert with a group we belong to this morning to see the flower's bloom (the desert is gorgeous in winter, so colorful) but I ended up lying in bed coughing my guts up all night long and was a wreck come morning. Jay, saint in human form that he is, decided to take the kids and go anyway so that I could stay home and rest. And rest I did, I didn't even wake up until 12:30! I sure needed it too. Most of my cold is gone, but I'm still fighting off the tail end of it and it's been v unpleasant.

Jay and the kids are now about to meet up with everyone else for a joint picnic lunch. The logistics were a bit tough (something about the path being too muddy for rollerblades and having to push two kids on a bike) but they're having fun. We were all supposed to visit friends later to meet their new baby, but they just sms'd us to say that their middle daughter is sick so that's off too.

So much for Saturday. At least the rest of my family is off having fun. They get grumpy if stuck at home too long (especially DH!).

Ok, enough about sickness. I'll leave you with some random cuteness instead.

This video clip is in Hebrew so most of you won't understand the words, but the kids' exuberance comes through without a translator. They're singing along with the Ice Queen's song from Festigal (see, I've been telling you they're obsessed). It cracks me up to hear Itai singing "I'm a cooo-ooooo-ooooo-ld queen" at the top of his lungs. Umm, you're cute, but I wouldn't give up your day job just yet kid...


Space Mom said...

Sorry you are sick... I understand your pain!

Scribbit said...

I just read your tag line and had to laugh. The rule around our island is that when I'm in the kitchen cooking the circuits around and around the island are off-limits. Otherwise the kids chase each other around while I'm busy cooking and it drives me crazy! I need my space when I'm working. :)