Thursday, February 1, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Introductory Edition

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I've decided to give the Thursday Thirteen bandwagon a whirl. Since I'm a lactation consultant and a LLL leader, I figured what would be more appropriate than making my introductory Thursday Thirteen about why I'm passionate about helping moms and babies to breastfeed.

1. I had such an incredible experience breastfeeding my two children that I wanted to help as many others as I could to experience their own joy.

2. There's nothing in the world like that milk-drunk smile your baby gives you as he's drifting off to sleep.

3. I feel strongly that mothers today are not given the support that they need and deserve to succeed at breastfeeding. I want to do my small part to change that.

4. It's easy!

5. And if it's not, someone like me can help.

6. It's free!

7. It's portable! The baby is able to be a part of your life, not a burden tying you down. No worrying about bottles, whether you brought enough, the availability of clean water...

8. Because too many mothers think breastfeeding has to be difficult and painful - it doesn't, and it shouldn't be. If it is, PLEASE seek help. Things CAN get better. If you need help and don't know where to turn, let me know and I'll help you find it.

9. It's the perfect food for your baby - designed for baby humans, not baby cows.

10. It's healthier for YOUR body too. Extended breastfeeding actually lowers your risk of developing breast cancer.

11. It promotes a strong, loving, involved bond between a mother and her baby.

12. It gives your baby protection against diseases in both the short and long-term that they can't get anywhere else.

13. Because it's wrong to see mothers beaten down by societal, family and other pressures and not do anything to empower them to make their own decisions, from a position of knowledge and strength.

(And if I were going to do a number 14, I'd add "because it gave me bigger boobs", but that would make me seem shallow. So I won't.)
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Anonymous said...

Hi, Robin! A great list, and oh-so-informative and encouraging for new moms. :) Welcome to TT, and thanks for visiting my blog!

Carina said...

I wish I'd had the good experience you apparantly did, but I suppose this is hardly the forum for comparisons. =) Great TT! I hope you inspire some new mommies!

Alexis Jacobs said...

What a great list! Thank you for doing the job you do. :-) I have used people like you many times.

Robin said...

Thanks you guys, it's something I'm truly passionate about. I wish you'd had a better experience too Babystepper. Whatever your specific experience was, it's my fervent wish that society start to do a better job of supporting you, and all mothers, through it instead of placing institutional obstacles in your path before you even begin.

PS I tried to comment on your blog too but the visual id thingie isn't working so it wouldn't accept my comment. I haven't read C.S. Lewis' other work, but have loved the Narnia Chronicles since I was young. We're now reading my own battered copy of book 4 to my son.

Melessa Gregg said...

I nursed all four of mine for at least a year. Mostly for all the benefits to them, but also because when I nurse I don't have periods. And yes, I got bigger boobs too. ;>)

This is a great list and something I feel strongly about too.

Anonymous said...

yes, this was a good list..I hated breastfeeding the first time around, but the second time, I went to a lactation consultant and wow, what a difference!
Thanks for visiting my TT!

Jenny said...

You've put together a great list! I tried breast-feeding for the first time with my last child. He ended up in the NICU and I pumped as long as I could but was never really productive. I did manage to store a smidge away in the NICU enough to last a couple of days! lol!! I so very much appreciate the help of my lactation consultants...they were so loving and helpful with me when things were so stressful.

Scribbit said...

Just noticed your LOVELY addition to your sidebar. You're so kind--

Scribbit said...

I wish I'd found your site when I had my first child. People try to prepare you for childbirth but no one told me how hard breastfeeding would be. It was harder than my labor--seriously. Of course I have easy labors but it was a horrible thing and I don't know how I stuck with it long enough to get past that.

darcy said...

Have I told you lately that I love you? Awesome list buddy.