Monday, February 18, 2008


The birthday party report. (And yes, he's wearing the jersey. Are you surprised?)

Through what was apparently sheer willpower alone Itai managed to keep his fever down long enough for us to agree that he could go to school Friday morning (they have short days on Fridays) to celebrate his birthday with his class as planned (just chocolate balls, fruit punch, party favors and a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday - this is party light), then home to nap for two hours (Jay slept, Itai didn't) before heading off to his own birthday party that afternoon.

He'd invited 10 kids to a bowling party, 2 were also down with the flu but the 8 that came had a great time - once we went to the correct bowling alley. Yes, I'm an utter and complete idiot and brought everyone to the wrong bowling alley! I had no idea there were two. I walked in, kids and a few accompanying parents in tow and cake in hand to find out that they had no record of me whatsoever! Luckily the correct location wasn't far away and turned out to be much lower key and a great place for a group of young kids.

Itai was pretty much running on adrenalin alone but he had a great time, and even Maya bowled a few rounds with a bit of help from mom. (Do they call them rounds? I have no idea. I haven't been bowling in at least twenty years...) We even bumped into a famous basketball player at the bowling alley - didn't excite me all that much, truth be told I had no idea who he was, but one of the other fathers was utterly thrilled, even got a picture of his kid sitting on the guy's lap. And to warm my over-achieving cake decorating heart, all the kids flipped over the cake, and the staff in the place even thought it was professionally done (if it had been I'd have overpayed, it really looked pretty amateurish up close LOL).

All in all, Itai had a great, and reasonably healthy, day, but the excitement did him in. He relapsed the following morning and ended up home sick again today. His fever's been gone for 24 hours now though, so it's back to school again in the morning.

Just to keep us on our toes though Jay is now sick, which is threatening to do in our very long awaited two nights away at a fabulous spa up north. Send us all some healthy vibes if you've got 'em. We've had quite enough illness already and mama really really REALLY needs a massage... (Update: Jay's still sick, looks like we're postponing. We'll try again mid-March.)

I'm off to go sleep on the couch now. No need to risk catching whatever Jay's got.


Preethi said...

came to read your writer's island piece..but got this instead.. I love the look on his face..seems like a fun day!! Happy Birthday Itai

Anonymous said...

YAY! I'm so glad he bounced back for his party. A is sick now; ibuprofin is the only thing keeping his fever down. He feels fine when the fever is down, but not so much any other time.
And healthy vibes going Jay's NEED to get away!

Anonymous said...

Vibing hard here babe.

The party looks like it was fabulous and the cake is magnificent.

Smootches to the best mummy in Tel Aviv!

Robin said...

I haven't written my WI post for this weeek yet Preethi :). It will hopefully be coming soon.

Thanks for the vibes guys, but it looks like we're postponing for a few weeks. Drat.

deedee said...

That cake is awesome!
My daughter went (with a fever, too) to a bowling birthday party this week-end and had a blast. She absolutely did not want to miss it so I gave her some advil and she went anyway.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Happy Birthday, Itai! I do think it's a great cake. Hope you're all feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear he made his parties. He looks gorgeous in that photo, what a huge smile!

Anonymous said...

Aw! How cute! I love bowling! Looks like he had a great time!

Shannon said...

Oh NO!! No massage? I am so sorry that you are goung to have to put off your pampering. You really deserve it so make sure you get there soon!

Happy birthday to Itai! I am glad he rallied to be celebrated even if it meant sickies the next day. Good little man!

Pieces of Me said...

what a cutie... Yom Huledet S'meach, Itai!

Hope you get that massage soon.

anthonynorth said...

Amazing how so many kids catch something they don't want as an extra birthday present.
A virus or bug seems to be mandatory these days.

Robin said...

It does seem that way, doesn't it Anthony. And my family is famous for having someone dreadfully ill any time we're due to travel. There's always a big last minute "will we or won't we go" drama. This is the first time we've actually had to cancel, though. I supposed we'd dodged too many bullets already. Still, it pretty much sucks. I really needed this getaway.

Mom not Mum (Sandy) said...

Great cake - can I order one for this Friday?