Saturday, January 31, 2009

PakNaks Giveaway Winners!

After typing all of your entries into excel, which numbered them 1 to 111 (how's that for symmetry?) and communing with the powers that be over at, which picked numbers 19, 21 and 59, I'm delighted to announce that the winners of the three PakNak sets are:

*drumroll please*
  1. Moma4Faith - your profile isn't enabled, please contact me within 4 days to collect your prize
  2. Phyllis Sommer
  3. mom2anutball

Congratulations to all three of you. I'll be forwarding each of your e-mail addresses to the lovely folks over at PakNaks, who will be in touch with you directly to arrange shipping of the four PakNaks of your choice.

Thanks everyone for participating, and for those that didn't win remember that all Around the Island readers are eligible for a 15% discount on PakNak orders by entering the code LUV15 at checkout.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I don't know how to enable my profile, but I'll go and check it out! Thank you so much - my boys will love getting these. My email is

Thanks again!!!

Leora said...

I'm glad Phyllis won. She sent me a giveaway of a BuildABear certificate because I commented on one her posts, and now I got a nice thank you from my niece (who has two little boys! I'm a Grand Aunt twice!). Congrats to Moma4Faith and mom2anutball, too.

Robin said...

Jennifer, if you go into your Google account profile it will give you the option to enable your profile - without that no one will be able to find your blog.

Phyllis Sommer said...

i won!? how cool is that;-) thanks, robin!!!!!

(and i don't have to pick it up when i'm in town at the end of the'll be in j'lem for a conference of rabbis...wouldn't that have been funny!?)

Anonymous said...

Robyn, I didn't see a box to check to enable it, but I did make a profile (I didn't have one before) and I added your email to my friends list. My blog isn't on blogger, it is on, but I added the url to my profile.

Thanks again for having a wonderful contest for the readers and friends of your wonderful blog!

Lea said...

Yeah to your winners!!! I loved seeing what your kids have on their backpacks, what a fun, fun thing this is!