Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring

And my muse is apparently snoring.

It's been much too dark and wet for photography so by rights I should dust off the old writing portion of my brain and crank out something worthwhile, but it just isn't coming. I miss the days when I would merely glance at a writing prompt and the text would start to flow almost of its own volition.

Yeah. Not happening.

I think part of it is the weather, my mood has always been very susceptible to what's going on outside, but part of it is probably also the crash that inevitably comes after a big adrenalin rush, and god knows we had that last week.

We managed to have a great weekend despite the weather - we started things off right Thursday night when we met up with the always lovely Phyllis and her very cool husband Michael (who it turns out went to camp with all my best friends from high school - we'd even attended some of the same Sweet Sixteen parties way back when. He'll actually be meeting up with a very dear friend of mine next month, such a small world...) and another friend of theirs for an evening of laughs and good fun at our favorite pasta joint. It was great to celebrate our good news (about Itai) with them, I only wish they lived close enough to hang out more often. Do you think their temple would spring for trips over here every few months so that we can go out to dinner more often?

Friday was a fairly wet, low-key day. A trip to the gym, errand-running and the usual kid-ferrying, but not much else.

Yesterday was Jay's birthday so we had a few friends over for an "indoor picnic". It was utter bedlam, but good happy bedlam. Maya was a bit put out though when she found out that her dad had elected to have birthday ice cream (homemade strawberry - yum!) instead of cake. Totally goes against her "more cake is better" worldview.

Today it's back to work, back to the gym, and back to the electronics store with the Ican'tbelieveitdoesn'twork fancy-shmancy mp3 player that Jay had asked for as a birthday gift. Hopefully they'll just exchange it, I'm going to be really ticked if they try to make me send off a brand new just opened yesterday item to the lab.

And now speaking of work, it's time to put you all out of your mental misery and end this mindless drivel so that I can go do some.

Later taters.


josie2shoes said...

Honestly, it's just so good to read a post about nice, normal, everyday activities at your house after last week's terrifying adventure! I'm with Maya... homemade icecream is delicious but there can never be too much cake in the world... especially chocolate cake! :-)

Maribeth said...

I am home! Yay! Had a great time, but now we wait to see if Anneliese is going to have puppies! I will know in a month!

Jientje said...

Having seen the kind of delicious looking cakes you bake, I must say, I'm not surprised!!

Daryl said...

The same old/same old is really not so boring ... I hope they dont give you a hard time at the store..

Anonymous said...

I like the term "happy bedlam"..and I hope that your household can get back on a more even keel and recover from all that stress...Michelle

Mojo said...

I'll take "happy bedlam" over "anxious quiet" any time.

Sounds like your weather called up ours and got together on a theme for today. It's been wet, cold, and perfectly dismal all weekend long. If I were more motivated, I'd pull out the camera for a "local weather" shot for NicoleB's scavenger hunt since this is much more typical than the snow shots I have from last month. But I'm not feeling the warm caress of the muse at the moment. Maybe later.

Electronics stores can be funny about stuff sometimes. You'd think it would be easier for them to deal with a simple one-for-one exchange and sending the non-functional unit for repairs than to deal with all the lost good will of a contentious encounter. But you can never tell with some places. Good luck!

And I'm with Maya and Jay. Cake and ice cream, that's what birthdays are wanting!

Anonymous said...

I feel Maya's pain about the cake, but homemade strawberry ice cream is nothing at which to sneeze, so to speak. Let your muse have a little bit of rest. You go at it pretty hard when you write. I'm just glad to see life is getting back to normal for you.

Phyllis Sommer said...

it took us forever to get home (hence the long wait for my comment on this post:-) because of a huge snowstorm on the east coast...argh.

we had so much fun too! and yes, i'm sure the temple will send me out there regularly...okay, probably not. but about once a year is a pretty good gig, dontcha think!?;-)