Friday, April 20, 2007

And the verdict was (GNI roundup)

drumroll please...

Chutney-cheese spread with cut up veggies and crackers, and stuffed mushrooms. Both were hits, but the cream cheese had people fighting for the leftovers. Highly recommended - delicious, and only took about 3.5 minutes (yes, I said 3.5 minutes) to make.

As always, GNI was full of good food, free-flowing wine, good friends, and lots and lots of laughter. And in a shocking twist of events we already have our theme for the next one - 70's food! Should be a riot, I think we'll end up with at least 4 different kinds of jello salads LOL.

And in other news, the NY Rangers SWEPT THEIR SERIES last night - trouncing Atlanta in four games straight! Wahoo! GO RANGERS!!


Anonymous said...

I have got to try this recipe. I love chutney and cream cheese, and it's EASY!
Sounds like everyone had a real fun time.

MissAdaptation said...

Ugh. Can we not talk about the playoffs? Ack.

Robin said...

4OT's in game one, huh? That must've been a nailbiter. Hopefully they'll pull it off in the end.