Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Down to the Wire

17 more hours until Itai and I head for the airport. Our luggage is (almost) packed, all those pesky last minute items are appropriately color-coded on my packing list, Maya's stuff is packed and her last minute items are also clearly written down for Jay to bring when they follow us tomorrow night. (Yes, we're traveling separately. We only had enough points for two frequent flyer tickets, so Jay and Maya get the simple easy overnight connections, while Itai and I traipse hither and thither across the globe like veritable jetsetters. At least our tickets were cheap, in an obscenely expensive sort of international air travel way. On the bright side, Itai's usually an excellent flyer and I have high hopes of being able to Read! A! Book!, one Without! Pictures! even, even if we do have a ridiculous never-ending series of daytime flights.)
In the meantime, as I watch the hours tick down, I still need to:
  • Work a full day

  • Finish packing all those last minute items

  • Take Itai to his "Welcome to First Grade" event this evening

  • Pick up Jay's sunglasses from the shop where they're being fixed (we forgot to get them last night)

  • Go to the gym for a last hurrah before heading off (gawd, I must be loopy, this is some piss poor prose - great alliteration though)

  • Feed, bathe, and water the various members of my household (except my husband, he can manage to bathe himself)

  • Order a taxi for tonight

  • Hopefully catch a few hours of sleep before leaving for the airport at the lovely cheery hour of 3am

  • Shoot Shoo away the pigeons that are camped outside my kitchen window making a god-awful racket!
Jay's got a brand new teeny-tiny laptop and a cellular modem, so if all goes well you may not succeed in getting rid of me for the next 3 weeks (oh drat, you mean we need to listen to MORE of her drivel?).
Catch you on the flip side!


deedee said...

Bon Voyage, I just love (said with irony) those long never ending days when one flies west!

Jen said...

GOOD LUCK traveling with the kiddos. Have a great trip!!!!