Monday, August 6, 2007

And here we were doing so well, too (updated)

Maya and I have been having a ball this week, missing Jay and Itai but really enjoying our time together. Friday night's fever turned out to be a one-off thing and we've been cranking right along. Dora was a HUGE success. She loved loved loved it, and behaved so beautifully in the face of temptation, explaining to me that we didn't need to buy any of the toys at the concession stand. I was so tickled that she wasn't asking that I ended up buying her the dvd of the show later. It was well worth it too, she loves to watch it and it's helping her with her Hebrew at the same time.

Yesterday after school we met friends at the new playspace (nice, but way too loud) and she ran around like a crazy person. After that we stopped for dinner, where Maya ate way too many french fries (like more than a full-grown adult male could have managed) and then suddenly remembered that if she ate her dinner well she was entitled to ice cream. I'd been planning on taking her home and giving her a spoonful or two at our house, but instead my girlfriend offered within her earshot to buy her some and next thing I knew my feeble requests for "a teeny tiny one" had morphed into the Ice Cream That Ate Brooklyn. This sucker was huge, and you know she scarfed down every last drop.

Which of course meant that she started throwing up in the middle of the night. She almost never throws up either, so it scared the crap out of her too.

It's now 7:30am and she's fallen back asleep. I'm awake and doing my third load of laundry, and hoping against hope that this is just a result of poor food choices and not some long-running stomach bug. Evil mother that I am, I'm also using this as a chance to instill the message that "too much ice cream is not good for tummies", so at least some good may yet come from this oh so lovely experience.

In any case, she's home with me today. It's times like this that I am very grateful that I work from home. I can be right here at home to take care of my sweet sick girl, and since I'm part-time (and 10 time zones away from my colleagues) I don't need to sweat the hours. I can work when she's feeling better (or napping peacefully watching a video).

Keep your fingers crossed that whatever this is that it's short-lived, would you.

Update: It's nearly 10am. Maya is definitely sick. She alternates between sleeping fitfully and throwing up, and I think she's running a fever. I'd give her some motrin, but I don't think she can keep it down right now. She's such a sad sack, poor thing :-(.

PS Jay, if you're reading this from the wilds of Maryland, how was the wedding? It must have been beautiful. Give J my love, and tell R welcome to the family and I'm really looking forward to the chance to meet him next time.

PPS Any chance of e-mailing a quick pic or two of J&R and one of Itai as ring-bearer?


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Oh, I hope Maya feels better soon. I see I've missed TEN blog entries from you while we were away! Yikes, you were a busy girl!

Unknown said...

Hope Maya gets to feeling better soon and that you don't catch it!!

Suprina said...

I hope Maya gets to feeling better. David wants to go see Go Diego Go, when it comes to Nashville. And I think I just might have to break down and buy the pricey tickets.

Big Hugs for you and Sweet Maya!

Feel Better Soon Maya ( I have always loved her name)

LaLa said...

Oh...poor Maya..hope she is better soon!! Glad she liked Dora...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had fun with Dora, and can't imagine it in Hebrew. You know, even though you are missing your husband and your son right now, when Maya grows up she is going to remember this special time with Mommy. Lets hope that the throwing up doesn't overshadow the good parts! I hope she is feeling better. And, I hope you really don't believe that she is going to buy your line that too much ice cream is bad for you! LOL.

Robin said...

I doubt she'll buy the ice cream line, but so far she is agreeing to cut way down on her before bed milk (something we've been working on for a while now) so as not to make herself sick. Yes, I'm an evil mom ;-).

When I'm not busy scamming her out of milk we're having a wonderful week together. I'll remember it too.