Friday, August 24, 2007

Stone Soup

That's what I'm going to be cooking this week if I don't manage to find the time to get to the store. I'd been filling in here and there from the minimarket down the block (I'm such a nerd, I just typed "down the blog") and from the greengrocer and thought I was in good shape, but all of a sudden I'm starving and there's suddenly no food in the house.

It's not entirely true. The freezer is full of things that won't be defrosted in time and there are various other ingredients around, but at 10 o'clock at night there's nothing easy to grab and I'm too tired to start cooking. Why am I eating dinner at 10pm you ask? Why, because I ate lunch at 4:30 of course (though that was a very yummy pasta with mushroom cream sauce that I whipped up just because I was in the mood). The kids ate earlier, Jay napped through dinner and I obviously didn't want anything heavy so it just never happened, and now I'm ravenous.

Oh well, I'm off now to go prowl the wilds of my kitchen in search of something effortless and not horribly unhealthy. One meal like that per day is enough for me (or it least it darn well should be!).


Anonymous said...

I'm off to the store myself, "down the blog". Quite a catchy phrase!! :)

Hope you find something yummy to snack on.

LaLa said...

I only know that stone soup story b/c I watched a lot of Barney LOL

Hope you find something to snack on.

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Hee hee hee! I can SO relate! When I was the "head cook" here at the palatial compound, I made more than a few dinners out of nothing but side dishes... "Here's some noodles, some rice, some more noodles, some different rice..."