Saturday, August 4, 2007

Super summer dish - curried chicken salad

It's August already and I don't know about you but by this time in the summer I'm ready for a change from the standard picnic fare.

Here's a variation on chicken salad that will get your taste buds perked up again. It contains mayonnaise, so remember to keep it nice and cool if you do plan on bringing it for a picnic.

Curried Chicken Salad

All quantities are approximate

3-4 chicken cutlets, cooked and cubed (can use dark meat, but I prefer white)
mayonnaise to taste
1 Tbl soy sauce
1 Tbl lemon juice
1 tsp curry powder
about 2 cups seedless white grapes, halved
1 cup roasted cashews

Optional: celery or water chestnuts, for added crunch

Taste and correct seasonings.

Chill to blend flavors before serving.

Bon appetit.

Check here for more of my recipes.


Kim said...

Robin, that sounds really good. I've never really done much with chicken salad.....what do you eat with it? Do you just eat it by itself or put it on lettuce or what? Sounds like something that might be good to take to work!

Robin said...

I usually just eat it by itself, maybe with a green salad or something on the side (or just on it's own if I'm feeling really lazy - shh, don't tell the "well balanced meal police"). It would be good on a bed of lettuce too, or heck, it would probably work in a pita too :-).

You could definitely bring some to work in a little container, with a piece of fruit, some cut up veggies, or a yogurt, or even a brownie ;-), on the side.