Sunday, July 27, 2008

When I Grow Up (plus I've done a dangerous thing)

Conversation with Maya last night as I put her to bed:
M: When I grow up I'm going to be a Princess, and Itai is going to be my Prince.
Me: Ok sweetheart. What about mommy and daddy?
M: Mommy, you are going to be my Queen, and Daddy is going to be my King. (Yay! We're included. Do I get a crown, and a fancy robe? 'Cause I'd really dig one of those fancy robes. The crowns seem a bit heavy though, I think I'd rather have a tiara. I'm more of a tiara type. *laughs hysterically until she chokes at the mere thought of herself wearing a tiara*)
Me: That would be fun. Goodnight Princess Maya.
M: NO Mommy, NOT Princess Maya. Right now I'm just REGULAR Maya. When I'm a GROWNUP THEN I will be Princess Maya.
Me: Ok dear. When you're a grownup. Goodnight.
Probably a good thing she's waiting, I'm not sure this is the royal look most kingdoms would choose for their princess:

PS I've done a dangerous thing, considering my disastrously poor track record with time-sinks, but I've gone ahead and joined Plurk. I'm RobinTA. I haven't the faintest idea what I'm supposed to do with it, but Claudia invited me to join and I figured what the heck. So come, please, join, or follow me, or plurk, or whatever the hell it is you're supposed to do there so that I don't remain a pathetic friendless wonder. Please? Pretty please? With sugar on top?


Leora said...

Sounds like our house! We've got two princes (one is either away at sleepaway camp or maybe he's really out slaying dragons and rescuing the kingdom). In our house the princess is always trying to boss around the queen. Are they allowed to do that?

Robin said...

Sadly it appears that they are allowed LOL. What on earth are you doing up so early?

Trish said...

I have humbly requested your friendship in the Plurk kingdom, Queen Robin. :)

Robin said...

And I have most graciously accepted.


Phyllis Sommer said...

that is too cute.

i can't plurk. i already twitter. and i have too many things already! i'm not allowed another one. there's some rule somewhere. but come join me in twitterland:-)

Mozi Esme said...

On the contrary, I think she looks like the perfect princess! Glad she's got things all figured out and knows where she's going in life . . . I'm still working on that one for myself.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful conversation! And that picture is just perfect for the piece.

anymommy said...

She's a beautiful princess.

I also already twitter - must NOT join anything else that requires computer time. Sure you don't want to be a twit? ;-)

Robin said...

I'm thinking about it. My Plurk account went wonky this evening and I haven't been able to see anything for hours. Nice way to woo the newbie, eh? If it keeps up I may very well defect to Twitter!

followthatdog said...

At least she is willing to wait to become a princess. Make sure you get a good robe, not one of those cut rate ones the lower royalty get.

Robert said...

Princess Maya is ADORABLE.

Genny said...

How cute! And that picture is great. Good luck with your Plurk and Twitter adventures!

Shannon said...

So adorable. I am still waiting for my princess crown. I hope Maya doesn't have to wait so long:)

And I think there are kingdoms that would love a princess that can make such fabulous funny faces!

Not sure what Plurk is but I'll check it out.