Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Whoa baby - whales!

Grrr... Trying again to publish this - I wrote the post this morning, it's here, and it's listed as published, but it's not showing up when I view my blog. If anyone's reading this, please leave a comment and let me know you can see it.

Hi all :). We're in Vancouver now, at a campground that is literally right on the edge of the city (looks like a bit of a parking lot, but very centrally located and has a hot tub, pool and playground, so the kids are in heaven). We got here last night so today will be our first day exploring Vancouver. I think we're headed for the Capilano Suspension Bridge first - it's a series of footbridges suspended 230' in the air in an old growth forest, letting you literally walk along the treetops. Sounds great to me.

Jay and I had a fantastic break in Victoria. We stayed at a terrific little inn - very cozy and romantic, hiked, went out to eat, hiked, and even went on a whale watch to see orcas swimming wild. It was incredible - they put us in these bright yellow survival suits (combination warmth and lifejacket) and took us out in an open zodiac boat - we whipped around out there like nobody's business until we got notice that the whales had been found and headed over there (much more quietly of course) to go see them. It was amazing - we even saw a mother teaching her two week old baby how to hunt for salmon! Look here for a trip log of pictures the driver took of our trip on YouTube - Jay and I are sitting in the first row of the boat, I think we're the first two people you'll see.

Whoops, people are starting to wake up. Time to get moving. More later.


Fairly Odd Mother said...

I see it! I see it!

Cool trip so far! Watch out on those suspension bridges----for instance, do not let your husband jump up and down on the end while you are out in the middle. Trust me. Otherwise the view is awesome (walked a few on our honeymoon in Costa Rica).

Have fun and eat lots of fresh salmon for me (harder to do when you see all they go through to lay their eggs!)

Anonymous said...

It's there...this is many days later, so you probably know that. Vancouver is lovely isn't it?

Space Mom said...

I see it! I loved Victoria! It is a beautiful city!