Monday, October 8, 2007

The Great Breast Fest Montage

Huge kudos to the League of Maternal Justice for all of their hard work.

I dare anyone to stand up and tell me this is obscene. Look at all those beautiful mamas and babies, just doing what they do. I'm proud to be one of them (two actually, I've got two photos in there - the first at 2:11, not that I'm counting or anything, and the second about 20 seconds later).

Remember, just two more days until The Great Virtual Breast Fest: 10/10 @ 10am!


Pen said...

It is sad that our society has shunned this and treats it as obscene. Breast feeding is detrimental to the early development of infants and is also good for the mother. I wish I could have breastfed, but my boys (twins) were premature and had a hard time and I was also on blood pressure medications that made it too risky to breast feed due to my preeclampsia.

Thank you for sharing this. I definitely agree that people need to be more open-minded regarding this issue.

Nancy said...

:::Scratching head:::

Figures breast feeding causes such an uproar, but the half naked, drunk, stoned photos of college kids are ok?!?!?

Anonymous said...

I breast fed all five of my children! It was a wonderful experience, wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Why people call it obscene is beyond me.

thefirecat said...

I'm sending this link to my best friend, STAT. She's a doula, in midwifery school, and will undoubtedly forward it to all her colleagues.

I don't have children (yet...someday, god willing) but I do have breasts. And I know what they're REALLY there for.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

I think I'm relactating now. Seriously, this has made me really, really sad that my breastfeeding days are over.

Suprina said...

Wow, I have Tears in my eyes.
I miss breastfeeding much more than I thought I would.