Sunday, December 2, 2007

8 things about me

No, it's not filler, this is quality entertainment here! What? You mean I'm NOT endlessly fascinating? I don't believe that, I'm quite certain that the entire world revolves around me.

Ok fine, I'll fess up. I'm incredibly busy at work right now and don't have time to keep up with my normal level of drivel witty repartee. Many many moons ago the lovely Helena from Thrice-Blessed Momma (who seems to be on a blogging break right now, hopefully she'll return soon) tagged me for the 8 things meme so here goes...

1. I am deathly allergic, as in if I have it I will keel over and die, to both penicillin and sulfa, the two most popular groups of antibiotics. Makes it fun when I need one, which is luckily pretty rarely.

2. Once in a while as a grocery shopping day treat I still eat my favorite breakfast from high school - a bagel with cream cheese and bbq potato chips (yes, inside the bagel). Don't knock if till you've tried it, it's delicious. Something about the combination of creamy rich and spicy...

3. My middle back started spasming this evening. I can barely move, and picking up my daughter is completely impossible. I tried it and screamed. Then I dropped her. Luckily she was standing and it was just a few inches to the floor.

4. I have absolutely no self-discipline. I lost a bunch of weight last year but have gained half of it back because I can't keep my damn mouth shut. I hate that about me, and I hate that I look this way again. It's really sucking the life out of me.

5. I did that "what reading level is your blog" thingie and it came back as post-graduate. I'm secretly proud of that but it sounds conceited to say that so I won't.

6. I'm freezing right now, but my sweatshirt is in the other room. I'd go get it but I'm sitting with Maya trying to get her to fall asleep and she's finally quieting down a bit. I don't want to chance it. (No flaming, this sitting with her is the suggestion of her therapist and is supposed to help her switch off at the end of the day and move more easily from awake to asleep. She backslid terribly in the sleep department while we were away and we're both very frustrated right now.)

(This is harder than it looks...)

7. I loathe brussel sprouts.

8. I used to speak completely fluent French, I would often even dream in French, but nearly 20 years of speaking Hebrew have driven it out of my head. It's as if my brain goes into "foreign language mode" and whichever language is closest to the surface is the one that pops out. Sadly, that's not French and while I can still read a bit and can manage a very rudimentary conversation, anything beyond "I'd like milk in my coffee" or "Do you have a double room for the weekend of July 12th?" is a real challenge. Hard to believe that I was writing papers on medieval French literature in college... (Gargantua et Pantagruel anyone?)

Oh, and while I'm at it I'll respond to Kelley's desktop meme from ages ago: I have a work-issue computer that often gets serviced remotely and as a result it has the bog standard blue screen. I used to have a photograph of my kids, but the IT guy gave me some kind of ridiculous crap about it sucking memory (I think that was easier for him than trying to actually figure out why the damn thing kept crashing all the time) and made me switch to the blue. There, I've answered. Sorry Kelley, nothing racy here, not even the meagrest pair of beach sandals...


Maddy said...

Not sure if I could manage the bagel thing especially since I love Brussel sprouts.

Looks like a lie down is called for with the back!

I did the 'reading level' = elementary, I am publicly humiliated!


Frances D said...

Thanks for visiting my site.
I love bagels, cream cheese and BBQ chips, so I'm going to give your breakfast special a try.
Hope your back is better.
Waving at you from New York,

Memarie Lane said...

I used to be fairly good at French, but then I learned Spanish and it took over.

I put potato chips on my sandwiches, it's the best!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Babe, the world can't possibly revolve around you. It's too busy revolving around me! (buying that?)

Take care of the back. Yes, light movement to keep it from getting stiff. And anti-inflammatories, too -- with food, so you don't tear your stomach up.

We'll work on the weight thing later. Like I'll be much use; I've got the same damn problem!

Hugs to Maya; hope she's sleeping now.

Janet said...

mmm, mayo and potato chips on white bread is damn good, too.

And my back is doing something, I don't know what, but I can't sit for long ... and when I do, I pay for it when I stand up!@@$@#

I'm with you on #4 :-(

Nicholas said...

Brussels sprouts too! And I speak fluent French, but forget Gargatua and Pantageul -- I'm more a Tintin and Asterix type.

Shesawriter said...

"7. I loathe brussel sprouts."

You an my kids do, but I LOVE them. LOL! So does hubby. He can't get enough of them. :-)

Jo said...

Cool answers.....that's why I like you. And just to be a real show-off, mine came back genius!!!! I've no idea what the criteria is, though.

Jo said...

But to make you feel better, my blog is worth $0. Yep, zero. Must be all the bloody poetry (grinning).

Lynnette Labelle said...

My husband is allergic to penicillin too. Because of that, I was really nervous when one of my 2 1/2 year old twins, who was on amoxicillin, broke out in a rash. I took her to the ER, where the nurse believed she was having a reaction too. It ends up she had mono. The combination of the drug and the sickness is what caused the rash. Pretty scary!

I was wondering if you could do me a favor. When you have a chance, would you check out my blog? I've posted my query letter and am looking for feedback before I send it out. I'd appreciate any advice you could give me. Sanks.

Unknown said...

My husband loves, mayo and potato chips on white bread.

I love bagels,cream cheese, and BBQ chips, just never tried them all together.

Josh is allergic to penicillin, not deathly thank god, he just breaks out in hives all over his body.

Mmmmmm....brusselsprouts with lots of butter, delicous.

Oh, and I made those 7 layer bars, and I saved you one! :)


Jen said...

How's your back?
My weight is an embarrassment; I will either hit our new rec center when it opens this month or quit whining about it. I'm tired of feeling like Frosty the Snowman.
Post-graduate? Dang! I need to start using the SAT words my brain forgot. ; )
I promise you, I will NEVER, EVER flame you (well, for anything) for doing what you need to do for Maya. I'm right there with you and anyone who dares to flame me for what I do for my son can bloody well come live with him for a long, non-medicated weekend. Rant over.
I used to be fluent in Spanish, dreaming, the whole thing. And apparently it's all gone the way of those SAT words, 'cause I'm not fluent anymore, and my brain has a hard time with toddler-speak. ; )

Patois42 said...

This is great. I'm with you on the ick factor of the ole sprouts.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Mmmmm, just about anything in a bagel and cream cheese sounds good to me!

Hope your back feels better soon.

sandierpastures said...

I am with you on #4! I loathe looking at my photos 10 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I have tried bagels and they were just like really chewy stale bread. Either they can't make 'em in Oz or I will give em a miss for the rest of my life!

Don't believe you about the desktop... betcha its full of naked pictures of your hubby ;)


Robin said...

If so Kelley then they definitely don't know how to make them in Oz, or at least in your corner of it!

Fourier Analyst said...

Ditto on number 1. Deathly. I can't even eat the French cheese with the moldy stuff on them. That white shit is deadly! I have even gotten sick from drinking milk that was stored in the same fridge with one of those cheeses. The throat-closing symptoms were a definite clue-in as to the problem!!

And brussel sprouts...YUK!! Did you know that there is a scientific study that showed that about 30% of the population has a receptor which allows them to taste certain enzyme in brussels sprouts and similar cabbage vegetables. To those people, the enzyme (which btw is sulphur-based) takes like rotten eggs!

Great list! I think these are really fun. You learn the coolest things about people!