Friday, July 20, 2007

Five on Friday

I didn't feel like blogging about the much more serious issue of what's going on with Maya and her issues today, so I decided to stick my head in the sand and try out a new meme I just stumbled across instead. Of course I could do one of the two memes I was just tagged for, but I want to give those a bit more thought first.

So without further ado, here is my inaugural issue of Five on Friday:

1. Have you ever worn hand-me-downs? Who did you get them from?
Sure. I got stuff from an older cousin all the time as a child. These days I occasionally get clothes from girlfriends, but not often.

2. Have you ever given hand-me-downs? Who did you give them to?
My sister has gotten lots of my baby clothes, since I know she'll return them should I ever decide to need them again. Other local friends get other clothes, and we've got a major circular equipment swap with a number of other friends. The idea being to keep all the large, hard to store stuff in permanent circulation until you need it again. I haven't seen my exersaucer in years, or my baby bucket either!

3. How do you feel about hand-me-downs in general? Do you like the idea of recycling things or does it bother you to have something used?
I like it. It's gentler on the planet. It's crazy to spend so much money and use so many resources for things you'll use for a very short time.

4. Do you ever visit yard sales? (maybe you call them garage sales, tag sales, junk sales, etc...)
I would if they had them in Israel, but they don't really. Maybe because most of us don't have garages, lawns to hold a sale on, or the ability to store enough crap to warrant one. We do have kids toy swaps though.

5. If given $25,000 to buy furniture and decorate your home, would you buy new pieces or antiques? Why?
New. I like vintage clothing sometimes, and have no problem at all with hand-me-downs for my kids, but for home decorating I prefer a much more modern, cleaner (as in cleaner lines) look.

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Mom not Mum (Sandy) said...

I love hand me downs for the kids - well some of the time. I had a neighbor give me everything from her daughters closet - stained, ripped, bleached, everything. As if I was her personal hand me down sorter. LOL That was annoying.