Monday, July 2, 2007

No retreat no surrender

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Those words from an old Bruce Springsteen song embody the unbelievable strength of spirit being shown by WhyMommy, a momblogger extraordinaire who's now facing the fight of her life, for her life.

WhyMommy is living the nightmare that we all fear. The nightmare that is breast cancer. Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Yet where many, including me, would probably be curled up in a ball on the floor, she is fighting back, refusing to give in to fear or despair, determined to kick this thing in its ass and get back to the business of "just" raising her two beautiful babies, 2 year old Widget and 5-month old Little Bear.

WhyMommy needs our support to help her fight, to lend her our strength on days when hers might flag and to lift her up even higher on her stronger days. To constantly say that YES, she WILL beat this thing.

You've got my support WhyMommy, in spades. Your strength is both humbling and an inspiration. I want to add though, that if you do feel the need sometimes to let that facade crack, then be gentle with yourself and give yourself permission to do that too. You be as strong as you need to be to win this fight, but if you sometimes want to stop being strong for a few minutes and instead let others do the heavy lifting for you, we'll be right here for that too, giving you strong shoulders to lean on until you're ready to charge forward again.

If you too would like to join the Wall of Support around WhyMommy, please visit Canape's website or e-mail her at (canapesun AT yahoo DOT com) for the code for the Team WhyMommy button.

And to everyone who reads this, please, go visit WhyMommy and let her know that you're pulling for her. And then, go home and do your monthly breast self-exams. Don't just look for a lump. IBC is NOT characterized by a lump. Please go right now and read these descriptions of the symptoms of regular breast cancer and inflammatory breast cancer, and if you find anything questionable, please, PLEASE, go see your doctor. Knowledge is power and early detection is critical.


Anonymous said...

She is a very strong woman. I'll go pay her a visit. Thanks for the reminder and the info.

BTW~Loved your letter 'L' meme.

deedee said...

I went over and said hello. I'll be following her through this fight and cheering when she wins.

Jen said...

I k=don't know her, but she and her family are most certainly in my prayers. Great post.