Monday, July 30, 2007

Fun Monday + Loads of Gifty Goodness

Do you have any suggestions for The Great Gift Hunt of 2007? Great, I thought you might. Just leave them in the comments and get some link love to promote your work or your favorite gift site. Scroll down for the first crop of great links.


I saw this on Christine's blog and it looked like fun, so I decided to play too. You need to show pictures of your refrigerator, WITHOUT cleaning it first.

It happens that I saw this while I was waiting for my groceries to be delivered, so in the interests of blogging integrity I now present you with my fridge - before and after a small to medium-sized shopping trip.

Before, looking a bit sparce

And after, a bit fuller (though not as full as it was later after I went to the greengrocer)

And the freezer

Not too bad. Now, if I could just find something to eat...


And now for some great readers' gift ideas for my soon to be four niece and soon to be born nephew:

Melissa Garrett, herself quite the crafter, recommended Jen Way of BeeBee Mod
for unique onesies and toddler/kid tees , and Stacy of Mamas Doodles for the cutest tails and tutus. (See her comment on the Gift Hunt post for more info.)

Shelly from This Eclectic Life suggested a teepee from Target, and what kid wouldn't love a teepee of their very own.

Rachel from Mommy Rumination, another one who knows her way around a needle, e-mailed me a whole bunch of great links for everything from cutesie aprons to purses, crocheted or otherwise, to crayon rolls to way cool clothing.

Thanks you guys, those are terrific suggestions!


Amy W said...

I am adding you to the list...great fridge!

Tiggerlane said...

You tidied up your fridge very nicely after shopping - I just throw stuff in there, usually making something spill or explode in the process.

Welcome to Fun Monday!

Molly said...

Welcome to Fun Monday. Funny with all our food, sometimes we just want something else to eat.

Julie said...

Why is it then even when our fridge is full there is "nothing" to eat?

Lilight said...

Nice fridge work. Hey, where's the ice cream?

Pamela said...

is that not the truth.. go to the store and spend bundles, come home there is nothing for dinner.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Fun Monday. I like the before and after shots. Lots of good stuff to eat at your house!

Robin said...

In the freezer of course Janice - it's the purple and white box :).

ChrisB said...

Nice idea 'before and after' now do I see bottles of wine? that's my kind of fridge!